This is the Feel Good Foodie - serving savoury morsels of globally inspired, healthy street food.

We live and breathe REAL FOOD and can't wait to share our health-conscious and super tasty, food with you!

The Feel Good Foodie will fill you up without weighing you down! Our Feel Good menu will create happy bellies! So come and say hello - wherever our truck may be!

Love Street Food? Love Food that makes you feel good?

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“To cook is to love.”

These are the words Sally Vujica, the Feel Good Foodie, grew up with.

“It must be something to do with my European heritage as I’m such a feeder! I love to feed people, and I think this comes from my Slovenian culture. Our fridges are always full, and there’s always food to share with loved ones.

It’s funny because as a child, I was the f.u.s.s.i.e.s.t eater. I even had my Mum so worried that she took me to the doctors, as I would hardly eat anything. I was happy if I was eating chicken or spaghetti Bolognese and that’s pretty much it! It didn’t stop me from watching food TV shows, though!

I now live and breathe food and all sorts of flavours and varieties. I am absolutely fanatical about food: reading about it, looking at it, cooking it and most definitely sharing it. It’s one of the ways I show my love for people, through the food I create and serve.”

With 12 years’ experience working in the food industry, Sally is eager to meet more people to share her passion and vision for Real Food that makes you Feel Good – served from The Feel Good Food Truck.

  • The Feel Good Foodie is all about globally inspired, healthy street food that reflects our wonderfully diverse Australian community.
  • Our food will fill you up without weighing you down. It’ll fill your belly and make it happy!
  • We create food with colour and life! Just look at the fresh ingredients, and you’ll know we use (and love) real food – no additives whatsoever!
  • Kids adore our feel good menu. Every mouthful is about discovery!
  • 100% gluten free…always.

Our menu has everyday options you know and love that are flavour-rich with a twist. Choose from three “food vessels” to be filled with flavoursome goodness.

  • Try our Arepas – our power pocket of flavour. Your burger and sandwich alternative.

  • Go coconuts with our Feel Good Foldies. A great vessel for flavour, in place of an everyday wrap.

  • There’s also our super filling Naked bowls and delicious Sides!

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The Feel Good Foodie is always out and about to share healthy, globally-inspired street food with you.

Current location:

Tribe Cafe by The Feel Good Foodie - 10 Parkside Drive, Condon
The Feel Good Foodie